Africa 54’s Paul Ndiho, via Skype, spoke to our CEO, Sam Wanjohi regarding our platform which enables businesses to go 100% digital, making it easy for companies and businesses to monitor payments, sign cheques, and other management and accounting requirements.

We had a great time appreciating our Business Clientele on 1st February, 2020 at Popote Gardens. We were humbled by the awesome turnout. We look forward to supporting your choice to go digital on all your expenditure this year. The true, immense value to your businesses and personal lives will be a story told in 2020 and beyond! #popotepay

We had a great time appreciating our Business Clientele on 18th January, 2019  at the Carnivore. We were humbled by the awesome turnout. We look forward to supporting your choice to go digital on all your expenditure. The true, immense value to your businesses and personal lives will be a story told in 2019 and beyond! #popotepay

Safaricom have implemented a faster method of funding your Popote Pay Account by Bank Transfer from banks other than CBA. This is an improvement to reduce the time it takes to have your account balance updated to as little as 10 minutes.     Note that the old method of funding for bank transfers will no longer be supported. TRANSFER FROM ANY LOCAL BANK OTHER THAN CBA Select RTGS Account Name: Mpesa Holding Company CBA Bank Account No: 333938301 SWIFT: CBAFKENX Reference/Narration: Popote, Agent no, 938301   Aft

We have made a change where, for Directors to self approve payments, they require a self approval limit granted by the Director Admin, who is the account owner. Director admins can do this from setup/users page. The setting can be upto Kes 10M being the  limit per transaction of the Popote Pay system. Our contact centre is open 7 a.m to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Email:, Tel: 0708351382

You can now fund your Popote Pay account via Mpesa instantly, day or night! On either app or the web, go to Fund Account, then Fund Direct and enter the mobile number. You will receive a push on your phone to enter your Mpesa Pin and your Popote Pay Balance will be updated immediately. Directors can use this feature to lend the company money in emergencies or over weekends when bank funding is not available. It also makes tracking funds owed to different directors easy and transparent. We are working on more ways to fund your Popote Pay Account easier and faster and will keep you upda

What’s preventing you from closing the loop on your purchase-to-pay cycle and driving more value from your accounts payable? Manual, paper-heavy processes. They limit visibility of the total payables at any one time and make cash flow planning difficult resulting in a slower moving business. So let’s automate those processes. With our market-leading, payment solution. You can employ new capabilities to actually transform your payables from liabilities into strategic assets. Assets that can help you… Have efficient cash flow Improve working capital performance Reduce costs and liqu

When your accounting books are only on paper, it can take hours to put together a report or retrieve very specific information about transactions or your financial history. Maintaining digital records  with popote payment solution, helps you create a streamlined system in which everything is stored in a specific area and you have real-time access to current financial information you need at any place and with any device, speak of mobile devices, tablets and laptops. From payments to running cash flow reports, you’ll be able to access critical financial data with a few clicks. Improv

Owning your own business has some truly amazing benefits. You can make your own hours. You can take on the projects that you want, and turn down the ones you don’t. You can work on your terms, and do it your way. The downsideSending an invoice, and hitting the refresh button on your email over and over again waiting for the notification that your client has paid– like your inbox is an awful freelancing slot machine that mostly dispenses spam. Without the other regular recurring revenue, overdue invoices are especially painful for small teams and solopreneurs. There is a surprisin

Account payable, accounts payable. A liability to a creditor, carried on open account, usually for purchases of goods and services.  When a company orders and receives goods (or services) in advance of paying for them, we say that the company is purchasing the goods on account or on credit. The supplier (or vendor) of the goods on credit is also referred to as a creditor. If the company receiving the goods does not sign a promissory note, the vendor's bill or invoice will be recorded by the company in its liability account Accounts Payable (or Trade Payables). A

As a business owner or manager you know the headaches of operating petty cash, delays of paying by cheque/transfers and the time wasted in accounting entry and reconciliation of payments made in these ways. Popote is a platform that allows businesses to make and manage 100% of their payments digitally. With it,  accountants can initiate payments on their computers or smartphones for management levels to approve on their devices. Payments can range from Kes 100/- to Kes 50M and are delivered instantly to any local mobile number, paybill, buygoods or bank account, and within 3 days to any

There is good debt and bad debt. It is wise to pay off bad debt—or not get into it in the first place. Simply said, bad debt takes money out of your pocket, and good debt puts money into your pocket. A credit card is often bad debt because people use it to buy depreciating items like big screen TVs, cars, and vacations. Conversely, a loan for an investment property that you rent out can be good debt if the asset’s cash flow covers the debt payment and puts money in your pocket. Popote payments enables you to have an efficient cash flow in your business. Sign up tod

How much do you really know about how M-PESA actually works? Here are 10 things you may have thought you knew about M-PESA! 1 – You thought the funds held in M-PESA were held (and used) by Safaricom The funds are deposited in several commercial banks, which are prudentially regulated in Kenya. In addition, the funds are held by a Trust and are therefore out of reach from Safaricom, which cannot access or use them. In the unfortunate event of Safaricom going bankrupt, the creditors of Safaricom would not have access to the M-PESA funds. This is a requirement from the Central Bank of Keny

Whoever said that money is the root of all evil had an incline to the human nature and how the love of money when to the extreme can possess and overcome all integrity. One must be vigilant to avoid falling into the snares of clever individuals out to fleece them of their money. One can easily find themselves the victim of financial fraud and here are some common ones to keep an eye out for. Embezzlement If you are a business owner especially, there is often someone in the company looking for ways to make some more money off you in indirect ways like skimming. The persons who keeps you

We are working hard to keep up with a lifestyle. We are aspiring after and admiring people who we perceive to have this lifestyle. We are getting into debt to fund this lifestyle. Then we cheat ourselves that because we have a great lifestyle we are wealthy. You may have a flashy lifestyle but be the poorest person in the room. Having a great income and lifestyle can cheat you that your financial life is headed in the right direction but in actual fact, it may not be. Below are signs that indicate that you are headed towards poverty Here are some of the signs to watch out for. If you are early

Everything is going  online, and accounting is no exception. While many financial bookkeeping practices have been computerized for some time, online accounting and bookkeeping is still relatively new. Not all businesses have become comfortable with accessing financial records online. At Popote Payments we help you transition pretty quickly and easily . Online accounting and payments can bring profitability to your company. How does Popote Payment Solution work? With Popote, accounting firms and businesses can perform their work at any place, at any time  and with any device ranging

In an increasingly mobile world, you need to be extra careful when it comes to computer and mobile security. Physical security While working away from the office, you should be careful of opportunistic theft. A laptop lock us a basic precaution and don’t forget to back up regularly. You could use cloud storage or a thumb drive – kept separate from your laptop. Passwords Although there is no such thing as a perfect password, you can take measures to ensure it is strong. A good password contains a mixture of at least eight characters (some unusual) yet remain memorable. Adding an

Running a business can be challenging and time consuming. You probably want to run your business without having the hassle of keeping the books, filling in returns and chasing payments. Additionally, there is the worry of making sure that all returns are completed and submitted on time.  At Popote Payments we understand the concerns of SMEs, that why we have a payment solution that fits your needs. Popote handles every type of payment from petties, supplies, salaries, utilities and even taxes. Accountants can initiate payments on their devices for managers or owners to review &

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any retailer now that mobile technology has become a massive sales driver and needs to be leveraged in commerce for brands to stay relevant. The ability of brands to connect with their customers outside the store is vital to prosperity. And mobile is the way to do it. In fact, research published by Google in April suggests mobile shopping-related searches increased 120% in the last year. For retailers, it means that mobile is the channel to increase foot traffic and sales in physical stores. Smartphones have almost become the extensions

For anyone striking out as an entrepreneur for the first time, the stakes are often high. Owning and managing a small/medium sized business means that your own personal financial affairs are likely to be tied up in those of the business. It’s crucial that you always consider how your business is affecting your financial situation How can I structure the business to best benefit me financially? When deciding how to structure your business, you need to decide how you want it to fit in with your financial situation. You need to consider whether you want to form an unincorporated busines

Although you may have an idea that is set to take the market by storm, you still need to ask yourself three key questions when assessing whether you can complete the product development stage. Ask yourself: 1. Do I have the right skills? Most new products will require expertise in every stage of the development process. For example, if you decide to develop a new soft drink, you will need specialist knowledge in creating the look and taste, packaging, sourcing ingredients, branding, quality control, and much more. 2. Do I have enough resources? You need to ensure you ha

Paying with paper. Daily phone calls asking “Where’s my payment?” Keeping up with your bank account information, and worrying about keeping it secure. That’s so rife with uncertainty, complexity, and risk—for both you , your suppliers and your employees . Fortunately, no one has to deal with that anymore, now that there’s Popote Payments. Sign up here

It's a big world but thanks to modern technology, it's smaller than ever, businesses moves at the speed of light. You can access your company's accounting information anywhere,anytime. If you can access your financial data, who else can get it? Spotlights, hawkers, bankers, small businesses , large businesses, your employees. What if there was a way to manage all your payments in one platform? and quickly isolate them from the pool of options? The ultimate payment solution,  Popote Payments. Are you stack with petty cash headaches? Don't worry anymore, we are here for you. With popote y

Bank transfers on popote are an introductory rate of only 0.75% per transaction capped at 750/=, much cheaper than the flat rate of between 500/= and 800/= charged by banks, regardless of amount. For example sending 10,000/= will cost you 75/=, saving up to 725/=.  Popote is also faster crediting the recipient's account within one hour, 24-7, so your business moves faster. Give it a try! Popote Payments - payment and accounting made enjoyable. sign up here

More often than not, when someone says “spend less than you earn” (outside of any other context), what they really mean is just “spend less.” However, spending is just one of the two numbers that you use to determine your financial “gap”. You can only reduce your spending so far. Increasing your income, on the other hand has virtually no limit. Making more money is a lot harder, of course, especially if you’re already in a financially crippling situation. It’s also quite often the only solution that works long-term. If you’re making $20k p

The government has urged businesses and public entities to adopt e-payments for State services to boost revenue collection. Interior ministry’s Integrated Population Registration Services(IPRS) director Mr George Anyango said banks, saccos, retail chains, the national and county governments were currently enjoying the benefits of online payments. “Use of the government identity portal has revolutionalised the way we do business, we not need to carry hard cash to pay for services or purchase of goods. More private agencies have embraced the system and this has expanded our ec

When your genetic material is taking shape in the womb, things don’t always fit together perfectly. (Maybe there are even some conditions or inconveniences you were born with that you wish you could change.) But your cells don’t care about any of that. Their only goal is to create life, then ship it to the world. Go! There is no permission sought. Consequences be damned. Go! There is no weighing of pros and cons or worrying about “if” and “whens.” Go! “Defects” will be dealt with later. Or not at all. Go! The only goal is to ship the proje

It was a miracle for Stephen Chinga, a Kenyan who lives and works in the United Kingdom (UK), when he was presented with a title deed for land he has bought in Kajiado county last weekend. Like thousands of Kenyans in the Diaspora, who trust relatives and by extension, friends to help buy property back home, Chinga has lost thousands of shillings he entrusted in his relatives and friends to buy property for him in the country.   He narrated to the People Daily how he tried to use relatives and eventually friends to buy property but burnt his fingers in the process. “It is true th

Now your employees with basic phones can initiate payments for approval using USSD. This is useful for the likes of drivers, messengers and field staff who often need to carry cash in advance to make payment to shops, hardwares, restaurants, petrol stations etc. To enjoy this feature simply add your drivers, messangers and other assistants as USSD creators on the Users page. They will receive an SMS explaining how to initiate payments. It is a similar process to paying for parking and therefore easily understood.Whenever they initiate a payment, you, the approvers simply review the detail

Today is a giant leap forward as we have completed several long-overdue features! Lipa na Mpesa (Paybill & Buygoods) You can now make payments to paybill numbers and buygoods tills which will take between 2 and 5 mins to complete, 24 hours a day. Utilities & Statutories You will find prefilled paybill numbers on your account for the common utilities and statutory bodies so you do not need to recreate them. Making payments of high values In order to make large payments e.g to buy a 300,000/- airline ticket simply use the split payment option. To create the