Actionable Giving

Popote Pay

Charitable organizations depend on donations to carry on their good work. Many individuals & businesses are willing to donate but due to their time constraints & other commitments do not proactively seek out causes to support & therefore do not give as regularly or as much as they could.

Popote Pay curates profiles of charities of good standing such that users can discover which to support. They can also choose to support those they know if not included in the curated list. Users can set 0.1% to 10% of every payment they make to be set aside for the cause. At the end of each period, usually the week, month or quarter, they are prompted to approve payment of the accumulated amount which is sent to the charity’s Bank account, Till or Paybill number as per the settings on their profile. Giving through Popote Pay can be a major component of a business’s Corporate Responsibility (CSR) program. Donations are documented & therefore tax deductible.

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