Is the way you currently make payments working for your business?

Are you fed up of the headaches in managing petty cash?

Are you slowed down by the clearance process of cheques?

And when payments are done do you struggle with tedious expense accounting?

Well, your suffering is at an end! Popote Pay allows you to go 100% digital on all payments, replacing cash, cheques and transfers. Payments are delivered instantly 24-7, without daily limits and it thereafter does your expense accounting automatically. So now you can really run your business like a BOSS.

Popote pay works in partnership with the following payment processors and infrastructure providers.



Pay for absolutely everything from petties, supplies, salaries, utilities & even taxes. Collaborate on the requisition process with your team & enjoy simpler bookkeeping.


Place surplus funds into a fixed deposit for as little as 7 days and receive interest at attractive rates much higher than those offered by Banks. Saving is simple & risk free.



Access all your funds in one place. Link your Bank accounts or your Mpesa lines or prefund your wallet by cash or cheques.


Pay without daily limits in single or bulk to mobile nos, buygoods, paybills & bank accounts, with instant delivery, 24 hours a day


Accountants or administrators can create payment requisitions,which managers or owners review & approve from anywhere, on their device


Popote Pay