We simplify expenditure so you can get on with running your business!

As a business owner or manager;

  • Are you fed up handling petty cash, the risk withdrawing it, theft and tedious reconciliation?
  • Do you find yourself in the office just to sign cheques, or being followed when out to do so?
  • Are you tired of paying workers in bulk by cash or with the poor tools provided by your bank?
  • And do you struggle to maintain expense accounts and easily retrieve records when needed?

Well, these headaches are a thing of the past because Popote Pay enables your business, whether a side hustle, SME or Corporate to go 100% digital on payments. It offers sky high limits and instant omni-channel delivery with a host of management and expense accounting features which totally eliminate the need for cash & cheques and drastically reduce losses, increase efficiency and drive growth and profits.

So now you can really run your business like a BOSS.

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Pay for absolutely everything from petties, supplies, salaries, utilities & taxes. Collaborate on requisition/approvals with your team. Simplify bookkeeping


Park surplus funds from your wallet into fixed deposit for as little as 7 days and receive interest at attractive rates much higher than those offered by Banks



Access all your sources of funds in one place. Link your Bank or Mpesa Acs or deposit cash through any branch of our partner banks


Pay without daily limits in single or bulk to mobile nos, buygoods, paybills & bank accounts, with instant delivery, 24 hours a day


Accountants can create payment requisitions which managers or owners review & approve from anywhere, on their device


Popote Pay