SaaS Solutions
For Enhanced Business Performance & Work Life Integration

Core Platform Solutions

These solutions are live & supported by our customer support department.

Primary Solution

Business Use Case

A payments solution which unifies outgoing payments activity by replacing fragmented conventional methods (cash, cheques, cards, mobile money & bank transfers), while providing collaborative, expense management & accounting features, & access to instant short term credit, all of which businesses need to better control their finances & increase their commercial success.

Personal Use Case

An enhanced mobile money application which provides collaborative, budgeting, expense tracking & accounting features, & access to instant short term credit, which together give households better control of their finances & increase their prosperity.

Advanced Services

Marketing & Communications
Loans & Salary Advances

Bulk Disbursal Programmes
HR & Payroll Management

3rd Party Integrations

Mini-Apps Marketplace
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Secondary Solutions

These solutions are in beta testing & are only available to Popote Pay users. Subscription to them must be done from within one's Popote Pay account. They are not supported by our support department.

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