SMEs Use Case

Most SMEs start out of the owners skill or passion but with growth they find most of their time being spent on administration. Of these duties managing expenditure is the most time consuming. Popote Pay reduces the time it takes while improving how well it is done, so owners & managers of SMEs can get on with more important things

Example use case:

An accountant using app or computer creates payment requisitions with details such as the GL category, explanation notes & attachments Payment requisitions can be from Kes 100 to 10M so everything from petty cash, Suppliers, Payroll, utilities & everything can be paid The approvers usually the owner or a manager & owner receives an SMS notifications & review details & approves it depending on their limit Payment is instant to mobile nos on any network, tills, paybills & Bank accounts. International transfers are also completed in 2 days For payroll PAYE, NHIF, NSSF amounts are calculated & paid at the same time. For Vat a single statement is compiled for use in filing monthly returns The owner has accurate expenditure records at their fingertips while the manager can export the data to their accounting package, quickbooks or excel