NGOs UseCase

NGOs & aid program managers apart from needing to manage their own expenditure like any other business also have the task of distributing monetary aid however statistics show that the majority of funds never reach the grassroots level where it is meant to make a difference. Popote Pay cuts out middlemen by delivering payments to the final beneficiaries en-masse while making it simple for program managers to account back to donors

Example use case:

Using the app field operatives register aid recipients with fingerprint biometrics & their mobile number or nearest mpesa agent if they have none When time, lists of the aid recipients are prepared in excel & uploaded on Popote Pay as a bulk requisition to their mobile numbers or nearest mpesa agent The approvers with up to 3 levels usually ending with the program managers but even upto the donor if needed review the bulk payment details & approve Recipients receive the funds either to their mobile numbers or via their agent where they are verified biometrically via the app, before being given cash The program managers & donors can filter & download disbursement data & the donors, usually based oversees can also access it for auditing purposes

Popote Pay | NGOs Use Case