Micro Business Use Case

Micro business owners struggle with maintaining records of their expenditure & are often unable to tell if they are making money or not. They also usually have an assistant who they may find it difficult to entrust with finances. Popote Pay enables owners work better with an assistant while maintaining control over finances & maintaining bookkeping records which drastically improves the chances of success.

Example use case:

The assistant gets the price of items needed & using the Popote Pay App creates payment to the supplier The owner receives an SMS notification, using the popote pay app they review the details, categorizes & approves Payment is instant, the supplier receives it & hands items over to the assistant, who can now get back to work At the end of each month owner receives the weeks expense account via email. They can also download it for any period using the app or web The expenditure into each job or project is separated so the owner can easily know which are the most profitable & double down on them