Institutions Use Case

Institutions both government & non-government often experience cases of fraud in expenditure, from pilferage of petty cash, inflation of invoices, collusion with suppliers & payment of ghost workers. Popote Pay curbs corruption in expenditure through a rigorous requisition/ approval process & traceability of funds to final recipients

Example use case:

Accountants using the ERP system creates payment requisitions with details such as the GL category, explanation notes & attachments Payment requisitions can be from Kes 100 to 50M so everything from petty cash, A/C Payables, Payroll, utilities & even taxes can be paid The requisition is sent from the ERP to Popote Pay. Approvers by hierarchy receive SMS or email notification, review the details & approve Payment is instant to mobile nos on any network, tills, paybills & bank accounts. International transfers are also completed in 2 days The accounting system or ERP is updated while using Popote Pay the management can review detailed expenditure statements & analytics