Household Use Case

Running a household may be the most important business of all however most do not manage expenditure properly. The difficulty arises from not being able to easily track expenditure against budget & a disconnect between spouses knowing what the other is spending. Popote Pay enables all payments to be made using it, so records are together in one place. With its real-time collaboration spouses have visibility on the total expenditure happening in their household.

Example use case:

Sign up & add other users e.g spouse, teenage kids, domestic staff (who have a smartphone). Each receive logins via SMS & have different rights Fund your Popote Pay account each beginning of week or month with the amount budgeted. If splitting, each partner can fund their portion separately Pay for all your usual daily expenses just as you would with mobile money but with features including higher limits & expense records Allocate teenage kids their allowance as a combined weekly/monthly & per transaction limit. Receive notifications whenever they spend Allocate domestic staff with a budget as a combined weekly/monthly & per transaction limit. Approve payments that are above their limits Receive expense reports via email or download them & always know exactly where your money is going

Popote Pay | Household Use Case