Corporates Use Case

Corporates have well defined systems in account payables & use accounting or ERP systems for requisition & approvals of expenditure prior to cash being handed out, cheques being written or bank transfers instructed. Popote Pay provides an API integration that empowers these systems to complete payments digitally

Example use case:

Accountants using the ERP system creates payment requisitions with details such as the GL category, explanation notes & attachments Payment requisitions can be from Kes 100 to 50M so everything from petty cash, A/C Payables, Payroll, utilities & even taxes can be paid The requisition is sent from the ERP to Popote Pay. Approvers by hierarchy receive SMS or email notification, review the details & approve Payment is instant to mobile nos on any network, tills, paybills & bank accounts. International transfers are also completed in 2 days The accounting system or ERP is updated while using Popote Pay the management can review detailed expenditure statements & analytics