The *Go Factor

When your genetic material is taking shape in the womb, things don’t always fit together perfectly.

(Maybe there are even some conditions or inconveniences you were born with that you wish you could change.)

But your cells don’t care about any of that.

Their only goal is to create life, then ship it to the world. Go!

There is no permission sought. Consequences be damned. Go!

There is no weighing of pros and cons or worrying about “if” and “whens.” Go!

“Defects” will be dealt with later. Or not at all. Go!

The only goal is to ship the project.

The project of You.

If you’re alive to read this right now, your body made the right decision.

But sometimes your mind isn’t as smart as your body.

It’s a shame that in our fully formed state, most of us can’t harness such a painfully obvious approach as “Go!” to bring our own ideas to life.

The difference between ideas that become real, breathing entities — ideas that become books, speeches and businesses — and those that die in the mind — is “Go!”