Introduction to Popote's Payment Solution

As a business owner or manager you know the headaches of operating petty cash, delays of paying by cheque/transfers and the time wasted in accounting entry and reconciliation of payments made in these ways.

Popote is a platform that allows businesses to make and manage 100% of their payments digitally. With it,  accountants can initiate payments on their computers or smartphones for management levels to approve on their devices. Payments can range from Kes 100/- to Kes 50M and are delivered instantly to any local mobile number, paybill, buygoods or bank account, and within 3 days to any international bank account. Following payment Popote automatically maintains your expense account by GL, without any need for accounting entry or reconciliation whatsoever.

Businesses use Popote at a minimum for their petty cash or go all the way to use it for everything, bulk payments, salary disbursements,  utilities, suppliers and even taxes. The ability for management to approve payments on their phones remotely means they can better deploy time previously spent in the office overseeing payments.

Popote Payment solution  saves time, money, improves enjoyment of work and ultimately increases profitability. Sign up today  here