Initiating payments from a basic phone

Now your employees with basic phones can initiate payments for approval using USSD. This is useful for the likes of drivers, messengers and field staff who often need to carry cash in advance to make payment to shops, hardwares, restaurants, petrol stations etc. 

To enjoy this feature simply add your drivers, messangers and other assistants as USSD creators on the Users page. They will receive an SMS explaining how to initiate payments. It is a similar process to paying for parking and therefore easily understood.

Whenever they initiate a payment, you, the approvers simply review the details, select the category, add notes and then approve. Because the payment is to the final recipient (mobile no, paybill, buygoods, bank ac) you will be more assured that the price has not been inflated and you will have the recipients details on record for later referral. 

Using this feature you shall see a reduction in petty cash needs and wasted back and forth trips, surety from knowing the final recipient of payment and overall your business will move at a faster rate as payments cease to be a bottleneck to your daily operations.