Be aware of computer and mobile security

In an increasingly mobile world, you need to be extra careful when it comes to computer and mobile security.

Physical security

While working away from the office, you should be careful of opportunistic theft. A laptop lock us a basic precaution and don’t forget to back up regularly. You could use cloud storage or a thumb drive – kept separate from your laptop.


Although there is no such thing as a perfect password, you can take measures to ensure it is strong. A good password contains a mixture of at least eight characters (some unusual) yet remain memorable. Adding an unusual character and a number would get a ‘Best’ rating on Microsoft’s password checker.

Most computer security experts recommend changing passwords regularly. Although a thief could use your password immediately, it could prevent some longer term security breaches. Make sure you use different passwords across different sites.

Internet access

Beware of open public hotspots that are password-free. In some cases the network itself may be completely rogue and set up to trap the unwary.

3G is generally more secure than wi-fi, although it has its limitations. When using a wi- fi hotspot, turn off all file and printer sharing, enable the firewall, update your anti-virus software, and set your network location to ‘public’. Also, always avoid entering user names and passwords unless you are sure of a secure connection (using a VPN for example).

Online purchases

The safest approach to purchasing online is to just use one card and maintain a low spending limit. Credit cards give you more security than debit cards and you should check your statements regularly.

Data protection

When using smartphones and tablets on the move, you should be aware of the potential data protection implications. Your confidential personal and business data can be easily lost if a device is stolen.

And finally

No two businesses are alike when it comes to computer and mobile use, so it is worth reviewing security regularly. You should seek specialist advice if you handle highly sensitive documents away from the office.

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